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Top 10 Ways To Have Fun

Raise every hand

Here’s a fun way to double your pleasure at the tables. Two simple rules. If it hasn’t been opened when it gets to you preflop – you must raise. If someone has already raised you must reraise. After the flop you can either play normally; or for maximum roller coaster effect the same rules apply! Two outcomes are possible either you terrorise the table and totally dominate building a huge stack in minutes or you burn through 5 buy ins in two orbits. Probably best do this at a low limit.


Forget Pineapple, 17 card draw, Badugi and Badingi the most fun you can have playing poker is found playing Omaha. Sure some people take it seriously – you can ‘push small equity edges’ all you like…or you can see a flop; catch a double back door straight draw, bottom pair and 3 live cards and get the money in….it’s never that bad after all! Sit down, strap in and enjoy the 10 buy in swings every 8 minutes.

Chat wars

There’s a chat box online so it’s such a shame not to use it. Your mission is to put as many other players as possible on tilt without resulting to outright personal abuse, that’s too easy and for charming simpletons like Tony G. Instead get under their skin with comments on their play…the better the player you can do this too. Here’s my personal favourite line from an irate Italian..’shut you up on your mothers face’….word for word…genius.

Be the tourist

This is most fun in Las Vegas but you can also do it in Luton. Sit down at a live table and order yourself 3 or 4 drinks. Be as jolly as possible and when the cards are dealt your line is ‘whoaaa – where are the other 3…this isn’t 5 card draw’. Act equally surprised when they put cards face up in the middle of the table; repeated questions should include ‘how many do I have to use from my hand again’ and ‘so a straight beats a flush right?’. I’d recommend doing this in America sitting next to a middle aged over weight Republican…they’re very understanding.

Have major dental surgery done while playing

Oh sorry my bad thought the title was how to make playing full ring limit holdem more fun….my bad….

Win the monies

The most fun you can have playing poker is to win. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $1 sit and go or an WSOP bracelet winning at poker will make your balls tingle. Playing poker is fun and also cool; when you get paid for doing it it’s so much fun it should be illegal. When you win money convert some of it into £50 pound notes and roll naked on your bed….turns your sad face happy instantly.

Drunk account

This is a well kept secret among all the top pros – you don’t have one poker account, you have two (on different sites of course). The first is your normal playing account; the second is your drunk account. You play on it when you’re a little tipsy. You also play on it when your boss has given you grief, your other half has failed to ‘let it lie’. Play on it and splash the money like a sailor on leave…just make really sure it’s the right account!

Home Games

There was a mostly awful TV show on recently called the Beer and Pizza club. They made two crucial mistakes – far too much Richard Bacon and nowhere near enough poker. There is no more fun way to spend a night than with a group of mates, lots of beer and lots of poker. The fun apex is usually around 10pm where everyone’s buzzing and the game is rocking. That’s before it hits around 2am where the gamblers are broke and it kicks off for no reason and a couple of previous mates nearly come to blows. Ahh fun.

Two words – sponsorship deal

Here’s the real key to fun from poker. You play the biggest tournaments in the world and never pay a penny and keep all the profits. Be a god amongst poker playing men, travel the world and hang out with all the big names (not Phil Hellmuth obviously this is about fun) and never feel a second of fear when making that huge semi-bluff on the turn. Sweet.

Play at work

In no way shape or form does this article or magazine condone playing poker at work where as a responsible employee you should be generating revenue for your employer every moment. In no way would we seek to encourage you to instead use that time to generate revenue for your bankroll by reliveing other players of it. Nor would we encourage you to play a game of chicken where, as your boss is coming over, you leave the tables up on screen until the last possible section. In fact this whole entry is probably just a typo as how could playing at work possibly be fun…

Remember all the other things you could be doing

As Nick the Greek once said ‘the only thing sweeter than playing and winning is playing and losing’. The key to having fun at poker isn’t to focus on whether you’re winning or losing – after all even great players do both. The key is to remember you’re playing a game, the greatest game they ever invented. So take a second to think about how you could be at work, watching a live poetry recital or doing the washing up because it doesn’t get any better than this.

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