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Top 10 Ways To Tilt Someone

Raise them, check raise and re re raise that sucka.

Look here’s the thing – no one ever has anything in Holdem; everyone knows that. Most of the time you show aggression against and opponent they either have to fold or call and lose the initiative in a hand. If you do this continually against your villain no matter how good they are, and especially if you have position, it will very quickly get under their skin and send even good players tiltward.

Quietly hmmmm continuously

Just make a humming noise without moving your mouth at all when a the action gets to a particular player and especially when they’re thinking about a decision. Admittedly this owes more to the ‘ways to have fun in school assembly’ handbook but it’s surprisingly effective. It even works if you’re online.. subconsciously.. it play’s on their mind at a distance…probably.

Show the bluff.

All you’ll hear if you listen to dull tedious analyst, experts and winning players is that you should never show your cards and give away free information. Nonsense. The second best feeling in poker is making a bluff and dragging a pot with nothing. The best feeling is showing your victim that he has folded a winner and watching his face turn red and his temple throb. It’d big and it’s clever and who cares if it affects your future winnings.

Min raise from the big blind.

This should be done when there are at least 3 callers in the pot. You can do it with any two cards as it has almost no tactical benefit whatsoever. It is best executed after a lengthy pause preferably with you acting only just before your time bank runs out. Not only does it confuse your opponents for the rest of the hand but also you may tilt multiple players in one nonsensical move.

Chat chat and more chat.

Nothing gets under other players skin that the rub down, the banter, moody, cuss words about their family heritage and so on. They say sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. They are of course wrong – they can hurt your opponents right in their sweet spots; their wallets. Chat away in person and in the chat box recommended topics to induce tilt – the faults of their country of origin, the faults of their last play, the awfulness of their mothers, how all poker is rigged.

The slow roll.

King of the tilt inducers this is the daddy of bad manners and in it can turn an experienced player into a foaming mouthed aggro monkey. To execute simply timebank down to the very end when you are about to call with the nuts. We can’t emphasises the lack of character this displays, the rudeness implicit in it…or how hilarious it can be.

River the dude.

Nothing is more tilt inducing especially against good players than sucking out on them. Especially on the river. Especially when they’ve out played you and you’re down to two outs. Sadly this isn’t in your control but next time you do it – and we’ve all done it – make sure you take the time to enjoy it, emphasise how lucky you’ve been in the chat box and strap in adjusting for your villains inevitable tilt spree.

Come on to them.

This works live of course but also surprisingly well online. We highly recommend trying it with someone of the same sex. Start it off as a joke to get your villain chatting with you and then slowly up the ante. Try some saucy poker banter such as asking them if they’d like to go all in with you. Then ask them if that’s their foot or the virtual table leg running up your ankle. Then ask them for their IM to ‘take it up a notch’. Nothing is more certain to tilt or quickly get rid of that cold calculating pro from your table.

PWN them.

Admittedly this is the tilt inducing technique that requires the most work but it is very rewarding. Every time you bluff they fold, every you value bet they call. You read their soul and play the spots off their cards as the money slowly slides your way. Nothing tilts other players more than losing and the last thing they’ll think of to blame is that you’re actually out playing them….genius.

Celebrate your wins.

No really celebrate them. There’s a phrase in pro poker circles which is ‘get it quietly’. It means that the professional thing to do when winning or after a big pot is to be quiet and respectful and don’t provoke the fish into leaving. That’s all well and good but it’s not going to tilt anyone and more importantly it’s no fun whatsoever. Instead shout BOOM and YAYYY in the chat box. If it’s live stand up and point chanting ‘in your face…in your face. If it’s online chant ‘in your face…in your face and run round your living room casting your clothes this way and that in a celebration of you.

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