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Top 10 Reasons To Play Cash Poker

When they win you get paid in cash money.

Forget titles, trophies, bounties, baubles or bragging. Success in poker is measured in cash. The winners have it the losers don’t.

When you win a pot playing cash poker they pay you in actual money that you can exchange in the real world for goods and services; not a bunch of tournament chips you can’t cash out til the end. Win enough pots and that can amount to a ton of cash at the end of the month or year and that’s…you know…pretty nice.

You can play when you want, whenever you want for as long or as little as you want.

This means you can’t be late for a game, play for ten minutes or play all night. You can leave to take out the trash, row with your partner or watch the X factor results then come back and start again. In a tournament it’s like school – you have to take breaks when they say and play til it ends. In cash it’s about playing when you want to as you want to.

Turn a tiny amount into a big amount

Cash games don’t offer you a big hit unless you’re gambling with you’re bankroll which isn’t a good idea. But they do offer the prospect of starting with a small amount and building it up as you move through the limits. Players like Brian Townsend, Cole South and many others have done this turning a few dollars into a seven figure sum. For us mortals that may be difficult but building a four or five figure bankroll from very little is very possible.

Know your opponent

If you play in a cash game regularly you will play hundreds or maybe even thousands of hands with the same players. Over this time you can get to know them intimately. Rarely in the biblical sense but definitely in the poker sense. Knowledge is power in poker and reads are everything. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your man and his weakness and making a play that successfully exploits it. This ability to play with players a lot allows you to identify the fish and play them, spot the strong players and avoid them and pick your specific seats at the table accordingly

Deep stacks rock

Cash poker is the chance to play with deep stacks – 100 big blinds or even better 200 or more. This means more challenging decisions, playing the turn and the river, the chance to make sophisticated plays and make plans for future streets. It also means the skill gap is greater between the good and bad players which means more potential profit.

No more bad beats…this maybe a lie…okay less variance

In cash you can manage your bankroll and play many tables at once if you can cope with it. This means that any one bad beat and loss of your stack doesn’t end your evening. When playing tournaments there can be so much more emphasis on one ‘flip’ – in cash a flip for stacks is often just part of your session’s play.

This means as a winning player you will still experience ups and downs – variance and losses are part of poker – but overall you’re bankroll will increase.

You’ll need a big sample size before your results are properly significant; perhaps 20k before you have an idea of your outcome, closer to 100k before you can be certain. However multi tabling this won’t take as long as you think and you variance will only be a small part of your poker life.

The fish can’t get away

One of the most enjoyable things about poker is taking a weaker players money. If this doesn’t fill your heart with joy because it’s a little merciless try something else like Macramé or Ice Dance. The great thing about cash is that even if a bad player gets lucky against you once or twice, as long as he stays, you can get it back. If you play enough hands against a weaker player the skill gap will eventually out. So much better than being led from the tournament hall screaming ‘that moron has my chips’.

Game selection

Picking your game is a huge part of cash poker. The freedom to sit down and get up from any table means you can manufacture a situation where you’re always in a positive expectation situation. This is the essence of winning poker – it doesn’t matter how good you are, only that you’re better than your opponents. Many good cash players don’t practise enough game selection – gain an edge by being one that does.

You can earn a reliable living

Making a living from poker isn’t easy – you have to be good, disciplined and committed to improving. However if it’s your goal cash poker can make it happen. If you can be a better poker player than those at the mid limits or higher you can make a living playing the game. Not only that it can be a significant living (it’s possible for a multi talbing 2 / 4 player to make 100k + a year) and a reliable one once you know you can beat a certain game.

It’s kewl

Playing poker for money is cool. It always has been – ask the people in movies and all the celebrities and rappers and that. We could explain it to you but the bottom line is if you don’t understand why playing poker for cold hard cash is cool then you’re just not cool enough to understand.

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